With our Apprenticeship Program you will be guided through the process of starting and operating a commercial cleaning business without the ties of a franchise.


The Sun Dance Path to Success:
  • Find and manage the right accounts and avoid the wrong ones
  • Bid competitively
  • Stand out and impress potential clients with our professional bid proposals
  • Hire and train employees efficiently
  • Be efficient to achieve maximum profit
  • Keep expenses as low as possible
  • Develop back up plans for vacations and time away
  • Learn to keep accounts for many years
  • Learn to remove yourself from your business so it may run automatically


We are offering you the ability to learn all the secrets and strategies of the commercial cleaning industry. Sun Dance Cleaning Systems is your best choice to stay on the path to success and achieve the results you want.


Benefits of following the system:
  • Your established business will require approximately 1 hour per day to operate
  • Grow your business as large as you want
  • Gain the option of delegating every business task
  • Low overhead & low stress
  • Minimal selling
  • Build a consistent, ongoing large income