Cleaning Business Owners

If you currently own a commercial cleaning business, Sun Dance Cleaning Systems can help you expand and efficiently manage your business. You will increase profits and land better accounts – starting with an improved bid proposal


Sun Dance Bid Proposal
  • Comparable to franchise proposals (successfully field tested against the largest franchises)
  • Employee manual
  • Training methods for staff and supervisors
  • Blood-borne pathogen training
  • Employee checklists
  • Green cleaning program
  • Detailed cleaning specifications
  • Interpretation of standards
  • Quality control program
  • M.S.D.S regulations and training protocols
  • Introductory letter (individually tailored, written for each business owner)
  • Table of contents; eight sections separated by accessible tabs
  • 3 ring-binder with logo on front and tabs

Sun Dance Cleaning Systems grants you 100% ownership of your business, yet shares with you the secrets and strategies the franchises use to make large profits. Our system and real time consulting will provide answers and solutions.


Opportunities for Change
  • Land bigger, more profitable accounts
  • Streamline your business with fewer accounts
  • Double or triple your income
  • Land large office buildings, State, University, and Federal contracts