Very Little Overhead Costs

You don’t need an office, elaborate advertising, or expensive equipment.


Consistent Income

Rain or shine, businesses need your service. The commercial cleaning business provides consistent income year round. Once you land an account, you simply take care of your clients. The work stays the same each month. You may operate as many accounts as you wish. Your business can be run entirely by your employees.


Minimal Customer Interaction

You receive few calls because you provide high quality service to your clients. In fact, commercial cleaning is a bit of an isolated business because you and your employees go to work once everyone has left for the day. You seldom see your clients, apart from occasional visits. If you enjoy interacting with customers, this business may not be right for you.


High Income Potential

Because of the low overhead costs, more of your income goes directly to you. Because we do not have a No Compete Clause you enjoy complete autonomy. The commercial cleaning industry isn’t often thought of as providing high income because it doesn’t require a large investment. This is a stress free business, and with our help, you can start making money right away.


Simple Marketing Plan

You won’t have to engage in harsh sales tactics. You will present your professional bid proposal, which will impress any office manager, and usually you’ll land the account or you won’t. It’s a simple process. Once you grow your business to the size you prefer, you can stop marketing altogether. You may not market for years.


Flexible Schedule

You will rarely drive in rush hour traffic, morning or evening. You’ll have your entire day free. Over time, your business can become self-sustaining.