Listed below are some of the challenges you will run across in your cleaning business. How quickly you are able to solve them will determine your level of success. Sun Dance’s clients are only a phone call away from the answers to challenges as they occur.


• How will you design a bid proposal that will allow you to compete with the franchises for      the best accounts?

• How will you choose which businesses to target and which to pass on?

• How will you land accounts when you have just started and have no references?

• How will you land the lucrative state, university, and government contracts?

• What key questions and statements should you ask prospective clients to put yourself ahead of the competition?

• What proactive actions will you take to build trust and credibility as you begin an account?

• How will you screen, hire, train, motivate, and discipline an employee? What rules and procedure will you have in place, and how will you implement them? How will you manage three, four, or ten employees?

• What systems will you have in place to maintain your accounts year after year with a high level of service and client satisfaction?

We will help you create a successful operation while you maintain a well-balanced lifestyle with more free time than most business owners!

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