At Sun Dance Cleaning Systems, Customer Service is our top priority! Here are just a few examples of the great feedback we constantly receive from our clients.


“The cleaning business is easy, but it’s not simple. We’ve learned the little things that have to be done right to compete with the big franchises. The Sun Dance team has been there for us every time we needed their help. The secrets and strategies of this business is revealed in their consulting. Their service and knowledge is well worth the cost”. ~ Ed Carson,  Minneapolis MN


“With the direct help of Sun Dance, running my own cleaning business has allowed me to spend time with my kids and set my own schedule, instead of having an employer in charge of my time and income. Prior to starting this business, I was the general manager of a Chrysler dealership, working many hours a week for a difficult boss. I now have many accounts, so my income is much more protected. I love the fact that I own my own business and no one can take that away. And I pay no ongoing royalty fees!” ~ Tim Tousey, Sun Prairie WI


“Following the strategies of Sun Dance Cleaning Systems has helped us avoid the normal pitfalls of the cleaning business. They taught us shortcuts and business methods that would have taken us years to figure out on our own. They have been a huge help to us and I would highly suggest using their service.” ~ Patty Creeley, Oshkosh WI


“Sun Dance Cleaning Systems has been exceptional from day one! They’ve been extremely helpful in all aspects of starting my own cleaning business. From availability, answering all questions, to support…they’re there to help make your business a success.” ~ James Pratt, Horizon Cleaning Services


“I never owned a business before using the Sun Dance System. They have been awesome. I got to $80,000 in sales in less than one year. Contact me through Sun Dance, I’d love to tell you my story!” ~ Jody Mech, Green Bay WI


“Pete Brooks and his team have been a very big help to us in running our cleaning business. If we’d have chosen a franchise, we’d be paying them every month on every dollar that we bring in the door. With Sun Dance, we paid them once. We’ve learned the secrets of the big franchises, without paying the big money. They have always been there when we needed them. I would definitely suggest using their system and experience. You’ll have quick results.”  ~ Tom Brooks, Milwaukee WI


“We started with just the starter package, and within two weeks we put a bid in on a $1,000 a month account! There is a lot of money in the cleaning business, even in this economy. We are very glad we made this decision.” ~ Ryan Milley,  Kalamazoo MI