Listed below are answers to questions regarding the commercial cleaning industry and why Sun Dance Cleaning Systems is the right choice to build a successful business.


Why choose Sun Dance Cleaning Systems?
  • Real-Time Business Phone Training and Support:
    • Talk directly with commercial cleaning business owners, not assistants or staff members
    • Business owners have experienced all the challenges you may encounter
    • Phone support will help you find the best solution when you are unsure of the best way to proceed with a situation
    • Mentors save time, money, and frustration
  • Sun Dance ensures success the first time, or your money back. *


How is the commercial cleaning industry different from others?
  • Ability to start a business part time (no risk to your current situation or need to quit your job)
  • Consistent work schedule – weather and most other outside factors do not interfere with cleaning accounts (as inevitable with other service industries such as landscaping, roofing, or snow removal)
  • Very low overhead costs
  • Great opportunity for large income and freedom


What about references? (I won’t have any references when I start my business)
  • Start with targeting small businesses that are easy to land, because the big companies are not interested in them
  • Sun Dance Cleaning Systems will be your best reference – included in your professional bid proposal


Why do so many businesses fail?
  • Businesses try to start with no help or support
  • It is crucial to find someone who knows how to run the business and has the ability to share the details with you
  • Without a successful system to follow, running a business becomes a guessing game
  • Sun Dance will provide the steps to success, saving you time and money, without the ties of a franchise
  • A business mentor will put you on the fast track to success, so you can enjoy more profits and more free time


What is the first step?
  • Compare our system with commercial cleaning franchises
  • Calculate the amount of money you will pay them over time – the more you make the more you pay
  • With Sun Dance, you pay a one-time fee


Are we a franchise?
  • No!
  • We will help you select a business name and logo
  • You will have immediate access to unlimited phone support
  • SDCS manual
    • Prospecting plan
    • Marketing plan
    • Customer relations training
    • Professional bid proposal
  • Employee training
  • Ability to start your business gradually or full time
  • One time fee
  • Complete money back guarantee


How long will it take to land my first account?
  • With Sun Dance’s support, you will create a marketing plan, letterhead, and business cards
  • You could land your first account within 30 days!