Our Fast Track Program allows you access to business experts in real time.  Our clients will tell you this is the most efficient path to success.

The catch? No royalties. No ongoing fees.  You own 100% of your business!

Over the past 23 years, we’ve learned the secrets that make the big cleaning companies so successful. When I started Sun Dance in 1991, I learned the skills and strategies of this industry from business professionals and mentors.  When I thought their way wouldn’t work, I stubbornly implemented my own expensive and time wasting methods.  I wish i knew then what I am convinced of now: duplication of successful methods are always the fastest and easiest way to succeed at anything!

Business is not always simple, but the rewards are well worth the effort.  The secret to success is to follow a proven system.  We are not a franchise; we offer you a choice.  You can implement our proven methods, or try your own.  

With something as important as your business, your family and your future, you will want to be prepared.  An inexpensive how-to system will leave you with more questions than answers. A bargain mindset will most likely destroy your small business and you may not get a second chance.

The biggest challenge in business is quickly finding answers to your specific challenges and questions as they arise.  The real time training program at Sun Dance Cleaning Systems is designed to give you those answers when you need them. You will have unlimited phone support from our business owner consultants.  You will be able to speak with Pete Brooks and other successful professionals whom he has personally mentored in business.

We will help you create a successful operation while you maintain a well-balanced lifestyle with more free time than most business owners!

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